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hello~ i am cadenzie

안녕~ 저 카덴지에요


I just want to inform everyone that I won't join any more of these over-balanced elo "balancing" events in the future. Rewarding players for losing creates an uncomfortable feeling when you are playing spon games where after you win you feel like "oh no i won :(". I would like to feel happy about winning, but not only does it make me feel like I'm punished for winning, I also get strange feelings that no one wants to play against me because they are scared they might win and get a huge boost of elo and ruin their chances in the next league while they try to remain lower elo, so the spon game environment has a very strange feeling where people dont even want to play unless they are sure they will lose...

일단 앞으로 이러한 ELO로 오버밸런싱 하는 이벤트에는 참여 안하겠다는걸 모두에게 말하고 싶어. 스폰빵에서 지는게 이득이 되는게, 이기면 "아 이겨버렸네 :( " 같은 이상한 기분이 들게 돼. 이기면 기분이 좋아지고 싶은데 이기는게 손해보는 기분이 들어, 그리고 아무도 나랑 게임하기 싫어하는거 같은 드는게 나한테 이기면 ELO가 너무 올라서 다음대회 망칠까봐 낮추는건가 하는 기분도 들고. 그래서 스폰빵 생태계가 지는게 확실하지 않으면 게임을 안하는거 같은 이상한 느낌이 나...



I don't think we should be creating a system where intentional losing is the best way to get prize money, where players who dont practice or care about starcraft are the players who will be the champions, the players who try their hardest are punished and half the competitions feel more like a popularity contest than a starcraft tournament.

일부러 지는게 상금 타는데 최적화된 시스템을 만들면 안된다고 생각해, 연습안하고 스타 신경도 안쓰는 사람들이 우승하고 열심히 연습한 사람들이 벌받는 구조라서 이게 스타대회가 아니라 인기투표 같은걸.


I think its okay to have "fun" events where not necessarily the best players are going to win but I don't think it should be tied to the spon game system and cause such chaos.

반드시 잘한다고 이기는게 아닌 "재미"위주의 이벤트도 있어야 한다고 보지만 그게 스폰빵 시스템하고 연결되서 이렇게 혼란을 야기하면 안된다고 생각해


When I first came to Korea and participated in qualifiers for ASL and KSL I had a lot of fun even though it was impossible for me to win because I was just striving to improve and try my best to win against all odds. When I heard stories from people not entering competitions saying its too stressful and they dont want to play I was always confused and didn't understand why they would find it stressful, but I guess now more and more as I enter these different events I understand why some people don't want to play in them. 

내가 한국에 처음와서 ASL/KSL 예선 참여했을때 불가능에 가까웠지만 실력을 늘리면서 이기기위해 뭐든 다해보는게 많이 재밌었어. 그래서 사람들이 스트레스 때문에 대회참여하기 싫고 게임하기 싫다는 얘기를 들었을때 왜 그렇게 느끼는지 황당했었어. 근데 이제 대회에 여러번 참여해보니까 왜 그러는지 알거같아.


I feel already handicapped enough that I can't speak Korean so its hard for me to learn from progamers, I cant even understand youtube tutorials or read guides, so I tried my hardest every day practicing extra without broadcasting to try and surprise my opponents and always improve.

I am however very thankful to the people who tried their best to help me even if they cant speak english that well. I found that incredible...

이미 한국말 못하는거 때문에 프로게이머 한테 못배우는것도 내겐 핸디캡이고, 유튜브를 보거나 강좌 읽을수도 없어서 매일 방송 끄고도 열심히 연습해서 상대들을 놀래키고 실력도 늘기 위해서 엄청 노력했어.

그래도 영어가 안되는데도 날 도와주려는 사람들에게 정말 고마워. 진짜 어려운 일인데...

I practiced really hard for the last LASL and ASL qualifiers, so hard actually that I started to get a lot of shoulder and back pains, and even some days I woke up with the joints in my fingers feeling too painful to play.

 Now I realize the real way for me to win these tournaments was to not practice at all. Actually I should have just played PUBG all day, or league of legends so that I could float down to mid-tier level where i can always be guaranteed the strongest team and play in lower tier leagues or something. I guess I practiced too hard...

저번 LASL하고 ASL예선 연습 엄청 많이 했어 너무 연습해서 어깨랑 척추가 아프더라 가끔은 일어나면 손가락 마디가 너무 아파서 게임하기 힘들정도야.

이젠 걍 연습 안하는게 대회 이기는 답이란걸 깨달았어. 그냥 배그나 롤 하루종일하면 중간티어로 내려가서 항상 강팀에 들어갈수 있거나 하위티어에서 겜하는거 말야. 괜히 연습 너무많이 했나봐...


Ever since MPL i got a weird feeling that i'll never win anything again, after I saw the snake ladder balance for the progamers but then snake stops, and i'm waiting to be inserted into which ever team is decided to be the weakest I understood then that koreans dont want me to win and they will rig every event in such a way that its completely impossible for me to win. When every tournament is ELO-balanced and also requires team communication, team play sets, random races, and other things like that I feel like im not just handicapped once but multiple times over because not only is my ELO too high but i also cant do well at any of those other things.

MPL 부터 내가 우승을 못하겠다는 느낌이 들더라 스네이크 방식으로 전프로들 밸런스 잡는걸 보는데 스네이크 딱 멈추고 내가 제일 약한팀에 들어가는걸로 되고 한국인들이 내가 이기는걸 원하지 않고 모든 대회를 내가 이기지 못하게 비틀어버릴거라는 걸 말야. 모든 대회가 ELO로 돌아가고 팀내 소통이 중요하고 , 팀플도 있고, 랜덤종족에 내가 ELO가 너무 높으니 그냥 핸디 하나만 받는게 아니라 다 묶여버리니까 다른것(역:아마 팀플,소통 등을 말하는듯)들도 못하겠고


I understand most of the tournaments im not even allowed to compete in because they are designed for lower tier players... but when there are tournaments that make it almost impossible for me to even form a team because why should anyone want to play with not only the highest elo player so now they used a lot of points for one player, but that one player cant even communicate well or do team play well.

So i always feel really sorry to my team that they ended up with such a huge handicap in their team just by having me in it.

대부분의 대회는 하위티어 용이라 난 참여도 못하는거 알아 근데도 참여가능한 대회가 있을때 팀을 짜는것조차 불가능할 정도야 선수 한명한테 ELO 다 몰아줬는데 그 한명이 소통도 안되고 팀플도 안되는데.

그래서 우리팀은 날 끼고 하는게 항상 큰 핸디캡을 지고 하는거라 항상 너무 미안해.


I wonder if there is a weightlifting competition somewhere that the strongest competitors are handicapped so that the weaker but more popular players will win...

더 인기있는 사람들이 이기라고 가장 강한 사람들이 핸디캡을 지는 역도대회 같은게 있을까...

I refuse to intentionally lose so that I can win competitions.

난 대회 이기겠다고 일부러 지는건 거부할래


I dont want to be stressed, I just want to try my hardest to improve at starcraft.

난 스트레스 받기 싫어, 그냥 스타실력 늘리기 위해서 최선을 다하고 싶어


thank you for understanding...

이해해줘서 고마워...

Zoe "CadenZie" Summers

조이 '카덴지' 서머스

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